Photos from Indonesia

4 08 2010

I was in Bali and Java in March… a shameful amount of time has passed without posting pics from that part of the trip!  I was too camera-happy while I was there, though, and so I had a lot of stuff to weed out, and not enough patience to stick to it.

I’ve been taking fewer photos since leaving Asia, partly because I got tired of dealing with them and also because taking photos in Australia and Europe just isn’t as much fun.  Not that the places I’ve been visiting are not interesting – it’s just that many of these things are either too close to what I’d see in the U.S. or they are things that you can easily find in guidebooks or on postcards – photographed by people with more skill and better cameras than I have, so why bother?  Ok, sometimes I still do… but not with the same enthusiasm as I had in Asia.


General photos from all over Bali:

Photos that specifically cover the Balinese New Year celebrations – which lead up to a day in which nobody can leave their home or hotel, or switch on lights, or make noise – and then a follow-up ceremony, which occurs on the day of the first full moon after the new year:

Photos from Jogjakarta and Bromo, which are on the neighboring island of Java:



3 responses

5 08 2010
Scott Rose

I just looked through all of your Bali photos and videos. Absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing and amazing. What a wonderful sense of community they seem to have there, which is lacking here in America. Now I absolutely MUST go to Bali, thanks to your photos. I want to partake in everything that you did (except for the cock fight)!!

5 08 2010

My excellent and welcoming tour guide was a huge part of the reason my Bali trip was so great! Anyone can show you around, but he really went out of his way to help me experience his island. I will happily send you his way when you make it to Bali. And the cock fight was not a planned tour stop – we just happened upon it, and stayed around to watch for a bit. 🙂

5 08 2010
Scott Rose

p.s. Thank you so much for the captions on your photos and videos… not only were they funny, but they really enabled me to understand what you were experiencing.
p.p.s. I want 7 monkeys climbing on me! 🙂

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